PESP 3 Now Open

PESP 3 Now Open

The call for the next Presidential Employment Stimulus Program focused on the Audio-Visual Industry, is open. The National Film and Video Foundation have announced the opening of the call for  the Presidential Employment Stimulus Program 3, also referred to as PESP3 by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) as it will cover the second and third phase.

The closing date for submissions is 22 July 2022, 17h00.

The NFVF once again has been tasked by the DSAC to administer the PESP3, a government initiative designed to reactivate the sector into the right path as per the Economic Recovery and Reconstruction Plan (ERRP) after the COVID-19 pandemic’s devastating impact.

The package aims to assist practitioners and companies with projects in their implementation stages to reach completion through financial support. The call also aims to support the sector through continuous skills development; focusing on the skills which the sector deems scarce.

The DSAC has allocated R152,3 million for the 2022/23 financial year to ensure the creation of 9000 jobs per financial year. These opportunities will be implemented nationally for industry practitioners who are South African citizens, covered within the NFVF’s mandate.

For the 2022/23 financial year, the allocation of R152,3 million will be spread across the following streams as follows:

  • Stream 1 – R113 087 333 (7000 jobs)
    • Stream 2 – R 20 306 667 (1300 jobs)
    • Stream 3 – R 12 184 000 (700 jobs)
  • Administration Fees: 4% of the total R152,3 million.

This is open to all industry players, encompassing fiction and non-fiction, animation, as well as television concepts; and any other audio-visual concepts with the potential to contribute to the objectives of this program.

The package aims to create 9000 employment opportunities.

Please note the following:

  • Projects that are realistically implementable, within three (3) months of contracting for streams 2 and 3 and one year for stream one (1) will be considered.
  • The ideal projects would be those with the ability to employ at least ten (10) or more people at the above rate.
  • Projects should take into consideration the COVID-19 Government Regulations.
  • This must be an opportunity accessible to the youth, women, people living with disabilities and previously disadvantaged groups to acquire development and Skills Development skills e.g. (but not limited to) on the job and experiential Skills Development
  • The projects must afford opportunities to reach the practitioners and audio-visual workers at ground level in order to support the various initiatives they are able to undertake as a form of generating income.
  • Stream 1: Production Open Call– Production proposals in fiction and non-fiction scripts such as (but not limited to) documentaries, television concepts (and any other audio-visual proposals), with an ability to proceed and create 10 or more jobs. All proposals not expressly covered in the description of this stream will be considered; provided they demonstrate potential to achieve the objectives of the Presidential Employment Stimulus Program.
  • Stream 2: Skills Development Call- Skills Development initiatives and proposals (including graduate development programmes) with a demonstrated job creation ability.
  • Stream 3: Marketing & Distribution Call- Distribution strategy proposals such as public screenings, film festivals/markets hosting targeting job creation.
  • A list of job categories is attached to this call as a guideline, although it is not exhaustive. [Click here for the full list]
  • Proposals may include one or any combination of the streams in either or both of the objectives.

The terms of reference and objective criteria have a deliberate focus on the following success factors for evaluation:

  • Functionality – demonstrable project management capability and likelihood for high impact success i.e., project success, number of jobs created and geographical reach.
  • BBBEE (targeted group as per National Treasury Regulations) – deliberate focus on the demographics with the highest incidence of unemployment.
  • Scarce Skills – Skills Development and development proposals with the potential to address the scarce skills gap, while creating employment opportunities.
  • Geographical spread – deliberate focus on proposals that target underserviced areas as well as areas with high population density and therefore resultant high unemployment.
  • Cost to service ratio – due attention to the proposals’ cost of employment ratios to ensure maximum costs of the stimulus are spent on recipients; and
  • Ability to create ten (10) or more industry jobs.

Stream 1: Production Open Call

Stream 2: Skills Development Open Call

  • Skills Development programme outlines with objectives.
  • Timelines.
  • Selection criteria.
  • CVs of the facilitators.
  • Detailed Budget.

Stream 3: Marketing & Distribution Open Call

  • CVs of key management
  • Project Plan
  • Activation area(s)
  • Audience Development Strategy
  • A unique selling point demonstrating sustainability and contribution to industry recovery and growth.
  • For public screenings – Proposed screening schedule and structure.
  • For film festivals and markets – Proposed screening schedule and structure and a proposed panel sessions and/or workshops

Furthermore, applicants submitting as companies must submit the following compulsory documentation:

  • Certified copy of South Africa Identity Document (Dated within six months at the date of application)
  • CVs of key personnel.
  • Budget and proposed project.
  • Valid tax clearance certificate pin
  • Company registration documents.
  • COVID-19 Plan aligned with the National Department of Health and Department of Employment and Labour regulations

Applicants submitting as individuals must submit the following compulsory documentation:

  • Certified copy of South Africa Identity Document (Dated withing six month at the date of application
  • Individual Tax Certificate;
  • Comprehensive CV;
  • Budget and proposed project;
  • COVID-19 Plan aligned with the National Department of Health and Department of Employment and Labour regulations

Stream 1: Production Open Call

  • Experience of the Project Leader and CVs of the Key Management and Creative – 30%
  • Coherence of the budget with the scope of the project and viability of the financial plan (15%)
  • Realism of the agenda/timeline of the project – Concept (5%)
  • Story Feasibility (15%)
  • Production Readiness (10%)
  • Number of Jobs (5%)

Stream 2: Skills Development Open Call

  • The realism of the agenda/timeline of the project (15%)
  • Sustainability for future employment spinoffs (20%)
  • (3%)

Stream 3: Marketing & Distribution Open Call

  • Experience (CVs and Facilitators) (30%)
  • The coherence of the budget with the scope of the project and viability of the financial plan (15%)
  • Audience development strategy (15%)
  • Project plan (15%)
  • Number of jobs (5%)
  • Transformation (20%): Race (4%), Gender (4%), Disability (4%), Underserviced Province (5%), Transformation in Key Black Management Positions (3%)

Closing date for submissions: 22 July 2022 at 17h00

Please note that failure to submit the above-mentioned key and compulsory documentation will render the application incomplete and therefore disqualified.  Applicants are also advised that submitting of false information/declaration will result in the funding being withdrawn by the NFVF. All persons in the employ of government departments, entities, municipalities and other services are precluded from participating in the programme. No late applications will be accepted.