docCHAT is webinars, designed to keep the conversation going amongst the South African documentary community was conceived at the onset of the national lockdown and worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

In a blink of an eye, all our lives turned upside down and as documentary filmmakers and creatives, our livelihood and our innate and intrinsic storytelling abilities were soon halted. We were not considered essential workers and as freelance documentary filmmakers one would expect that we’d have mastered this way of living; working remotely, ensuring adequate savings for the months that lie ahead without work and finding creative and innovative ways to keep our spirits uplifted. But nothing could prepare any of us for the way the world shifted over the past few months and what is now being described as the “new normal”. Originating in a time of overwhelming anxiety and uncertainty,

docChat creates a time and space for an exchange of knowledge and a sigh of relief to know we are all in this together. Each zoom session is meticulously thought of and structured but the conversation is very informal. The sessions are intimate and often dimmed over load shedding schedules but we envision that it will soon gain traction.

If you’ve missed it or want to catch up on any of the sessions, they are available on our YouTube channel