KZNFC COVID Content Fund

KZNFC COVID Content Fund

The vision of the KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission (KZNFC) is to position KwaZulu-Natal as a globally competitive, diverse and sustainable industry and choice film destination. The Film Fund is designed to stimulate the economy in the film and TV Industry, and supporting industries. With the KZN industry being a distant third to Gauteng and Western Cape in terms of market size, it is important to grow the industry from within while attracting lucrative productions from outside the province.

In response to the national pandemic in the country and the national lockdown from the 26 March 2020, the film industry like many other industries in the country and around the world has been severely affected. In response the KZNFC has secured a relief fund to stimulate production activity in the province.

The KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission is announcing a call for proposals for a slate of 3 short films and 3 short documentaries with the theme of Covid 19. The projects are to specifically make reference to and be a documenting of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The KZNFC would like to invite  eligible  production  companies  to  submit  proposals  for the Covid relief slate funding which will be awarded to two companies, one that will manage the fiction shorts and the other will manage the documentary shorts. The projects will be administered and must be completed over a period of 5 months.


  • To stimulate local production activity in the province which was impacted on as a result of Covid 19 over the next 6
  • The employment of local crew on the six
  • To provide opportunities for local companies which service the film
  • To generate and produce content that captures the impact of Covid 19 on the province and provide relief to the production industry
  • To set the standard for the safe production of projects under Covid 19


The budget for the development and production of short documentary film slate is capped at R1, 800 000 and must be disbursed over 5 months. Each short documentary film will be expected to have a budget of R600 000 (which includes the cost of development and production). No further funding will need to be sourced. All projects must have completed productions, be packaged and delivered to the KZN film commission by 15 March 2021.


  • KZN Resident or Originally from KZN
  • Preference will be given to 51% black-owned and managed
  • Preference will be given to female-owned
  • Tier 2 Production ” who have developed and produced 1-2 feature-length theoretical films,or a television fiction and/or non-fiction, or + 5 short films, or 2/ 3 documentary films, .
  • Production company should demonstrate an understanding of packaging and marketing of completed
  • A production company that has a clear training and development
  • Producer or production company that has an established relationship with local distributors and/or international sales


The following criteria will be utilised to shortlist companies who will be invited to pitch their projects:

  • Quality of the concept
  • Capacity and capability of the company to deliver within the timeframes – previous production referrals will be required to be
  • Capacity to manage multiple projects
  • The consistency of realistic budgets and a detailed project plan (Concise plan for 5 months- from development through to production)
  • Distribution and marketing
  • The unique selling point in respect of sustainability and contribution to transformation in the industry. A minimum of 80% of the crew must be employed from KZN and 80% KZN service providers must be used on the productions. Multiple teams will need to be employed to increase job opportunities and ensure that the projects are completed within the five
  • Experience of the creative
  • A strong writing team for the short
  • Training and development strategy


Proposals to include three concepts documenting the Covid 19 pandemic. The 2 page concept documents must outline:

  • Synopsis
  • Genre
  • Target market
  • CV’s with career profiles of the key creative team: Producer, Director, Writer, DOP and Line Producer
  • Director’s Treatment
  • Chain of title documentation including script and music to name a
  • Summary budget with a finance and cash flow plan (5 months)
  • Development and production schedule (5 months)
  • Marketing and distribution strategy
  • Production Company’s experience and previous productions involved


  • Tax Clearance Certificate
  • BBBEE Certificate
  • Certified ID copy (valid for 3 months)
  • Company registration documents

All projects are to be shot 100% in the province of KwaZulu-Natal. All projects to employ 80% local crew and 80% KZN service providers to be utilised.

Closing date 2nd October 2020. Applications must be emailed to Application queries may be directed to No applications or additional documentation will be accepted after closing date.