docLOVE May/June – “An Insignificant Man”

docLOVE May/June – “An Insignificant Man”

docLOVE May/June – “An Insignificant Man”

Invitation: docLOVE May/June – AN INSIGNIFICANT MAN
AN INSIGNIFICANT MAN by Khusboo Ranka, Vinay Shukla

A  non-fiction  drama  chronicling  the  most  outrageous  political  debut  in  the  largest democracy  in  the  world,  “An Insignificant  Man”  follows  Arvind  Kejriwal  and  his  insurgent party  as  they  look  to  shake  up  Indian  politics  while struggling  to  keep  their  own  idealism alive. Huffington Post listed this film about the rise of anti-corruption protests in India and the rise to power of the Aam Aadmi Party amongtheir  12 Must-See Documentaries About Current World Politics.

In the aftermath of the South African elections, this documentary poses an interesting question: What if a whole new player enters the fray? What are the possibilities? One of the key themes emerging from the recent election is the disillusionment amongst many South Africans about what the big parties are offering. AN INSIGNIFICANT MAN is an inspiring watch that allows us to imagine the seemingly impossible.

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The production of the film was done through crowdfunding. This form of production has become increasingly popular in Indian cinema due to the rise of a major independent film movement in the country. When asked in an interview with The Hindu, a major newspaper in India, on why the team chose crowdfunding, director Vinay Shukla said “Our film is a documentary set in contemporary politics and investors didn’t find it an interesting proposition. Those interested in investing wanted to know if we were supporting AAP or against it,” Not wanting to compromise the neutral stand of their film, the team opted for crowd funding.

The film has won support from the Sundance Institute, IDFA & Asian Network of Documentary Fund. The film was selected for and won awards at the Hot Docs Forum Toronto, NFDC Film Bazaar WIP Lab & DocEdge Kolkatta.

Join DocLOVE for a free screening of this masterful creative documentary. DATE:   30 MAY 2019 TIME:  18:00 VENUE: Tshisimani Centre for Activist Education 67-69 Main Road, Mowbray   

DATE:  5 JUNE  2019 TIME:  18:00 VENUE:  The Bertha Movie House Isivivana Centre, Khayalitsha